Getting tired

This can produce craving

Kermit the frog said “it’s not easy being green”. He might have well have said “it#s not easy being sober”, and it isn’t. No matter how someone says that life is better without alcohol, and it is; no matter how the quality of almost every aspect of living goes up, and it does; and no matter how much any tells themselves that things are looking up, and they are: sometimes you just want a drink! That feeling dosent go away, it just fades over time. It can take months, or even years for the feelings or thoughts about alcohol to fade completely. Some people are luckey, and the thoughts and cravings fade almost immediately. The majority of people, if they are truthful to themselves, will admit that it takes time for the alcohol to disappear from prominence. What is suprising is that eventually the obsession with alcohol does completely go away, if it is let. If an awareness of the possibility of craving is adopted to, and all situations alcohol related are avoided, and all associations are revoved from daily life, and all the places and people avoided, then craving simply dissapears. If however no changes are made, the same associations left in place, and the effort is only partial, then craving can refuse to go away, and indeed can even grow. No everyone who continuously craves eventually drinks, but it certainly has an influence. Remember the fact that it can be unconscious as well; and that’s why there must be eternal vigilence to prevent it coming back. Avoidance of life must be replaced with avoidance of all things alcohol: it really works.

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  1. E says:

    Just started your book am on day 3 of the long road ahead. Finding your book a lifesaver- very positive, optimistic and ready to quit-thankyou

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