The right time.

There is a time to do everything in life, a time to start earning money, a time to leave home, a time to enter into a relationship, and it is important to get the time right. You can’t or at least you shouldnt be asked to earn your own money at the age of 10, you shouldnt leave home at 16, because getting the timing wrong on these things can have consequences, and not always good ones. But if you do these things at the right time in life , you have a much better chance of getting it right, and being successful. So it is with alcohol; there certainly isn’t a perfect time to start drinking, but there may be a right time to consider stopping. Trying to stop too early in the process dosen’t always work; trying to get you head around an addiction when it is too much information to process can lead to a failure. So it is important to get the timing of an attempt at sobriety correct. Now part of the process of arriving at a decision may be a number of failed attempts at stopping. It is reported that it takes someone an average of 5 goes to stop smoking. With drinking, it is different. If someone is thinking about stopping, and they get the right help, they get a mixture of support and pressure from those around them, then it can be a very effective process. Sometimes, however, people don’t want to listen, they can’t hear the sincerity in the voices of those around them, and although they verbally state they want to stop, their hearts aren’t in the process. And it may take many more months, years, of problems, negative consequences, and heartache, before they come around again. They might even die in that gap period. But it may be necessary for them to have that gap period, that increase in pain, that increase in suffering, before they are ready to do business. You just hope that it isn’t too late; it is never to late to change.

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