Warning ahead!

Its very easy to relax at certain times. On a holiday weekend, its very easy to sit back, take it easy, and decide to have a drink. There are certain times of year, Christmas, New Year, holidays, on which it feels almost mandatory to have a pint. It can be very casual as well, a decision to drink can be seemingly easily taken, because everyone is doing it, and sure what the harm. It is precisely at this time to those who are trying to do something about their alcohol misuse have to be extra vigilant. Looking at everyone else is no way to make a serious decision about anything, let alone about having a drink. Making a seemingly innocuous decision to drink is not the best way to be serious about abstinence. And unfortunately for some, abstinence is really the best policy; half way just doesn’t work. I know many people who try and get away with it, and find themselves back at square one about their drinking almost immediately. I also have known a few who can return to social drinking, but they are very few, and some of them eventually fall completely off the wagon, despite a while social drinking. So don’t risk it, don’t take a chance, find something else to do. Simple sounding as it is, sometimes distraction is the easiest policy, finding a place for idle hands to be occupied is more important than anything else. No time to think, no time to crave. Plan and stay sober.

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