The dark days are over.

We all have dark days, days when we can’t seem to shake a sense of forboding, of feeling flat and low. For most of us it is only an occasional feeling; there is some reason or other for it, and it dosent last more than a few hours or days. For those suffering from depression, this period of feeling flat is much more intense, much longer lasting, and dosen’t fade with time. Such a feeling or set of feelings is an experioence to avoid at all costs. It effects all aspects of life, robs us of pleasure in life, and can even be life threatening if it reaches an extreme. Most of us would do anything to avoid such a feeling, and would do anything to make that feeling go away if it began to linger in our lives. And there can be many causes of such a feeling, ranging from unfortunate genetic loading, recent trauma or loss, medical disorder, or even childbirth. What most people don’t realise is that it can also be caused by alcohol. Alcohol is a downer, and half of alcohol addicted people entering treatment have significant depressive feeling that are primarily caused by the alcohol.¬†Of course alcohol isn’t a downer all the time, for most people alcohol produces the pleasant buzz of intoxication, and then a period of disinhibition, and then some drowsiness. However for a significant number of people, depression intervenes, and the feeling of mild intoxication is followed by a distinct downturn in mood, overpowering all other sentiments. This feeling can last hours, days or even weeks, and it can outweigh and outlast rational explaination. You don’t have to be addicted to alcohol to get the depressed mood from alcohol, you can even get it after an occasional binge, or just heavy drinking. The tragedy is that most people suffering from an alcohol induced depression don’t even know that their depression is caused by alcohol, they think it has some other explanation. They assume it is a recent life event, or even a past trauma that is the explanation, and they look no further. The big deal is that this degree of depression can lead to suicidal thoughts, and for some even suicidal acts. The good news is that alcohol induced depression can be eliminated with one simple act: ceasing alcohol. For someone suffering from depression, the chance of eliminating it in one simple move, through stopping drinking, should prove to be a wonderful opportunity to control a most uncontrollable disorder. Most people suffering from a severe depression would give their right hands to get rid of it; and some can absolutely get rid of it with no cost, no effort, and no difficulty. Stop drinking and then see what happens. For about 80%, the depression disappears altogether, and that isn’t a bad percentage. For them, one simple act means the dark days are over. A nice way to exercise control over an uncontrollable suffering.

Do you feel like this?

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