Why write a book?

Some people have asked me in the last week, why would you write a book? Havent you enough to do, seeing people for their addiction and depression problems? The simple answer is that it is important to reach out to people who I cant see personally. There is a large number of people in Ireland with an alcohol problem, at least 250,000; if you add in the UK it is probably 3 million. And that is a lot of people. If you add in the US, another 10 million at least. The vast majority of all of these people suffering an addiction to alcohol are not in any sort of treatment, therapy or self-help. So writing a book, setting up a website, letting people know there is a pathway to recovery and sobriety is really important. There is more than one pathway, every success story is individual, just like every addiction story is individual. (We are all individuals!!) The start is a spark: “Maybe I need to look at my drinking” The next step is to find out more, and that is what the book is about.

I hope to post the video from the book launch very soon. Keep trying.

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  1. Tony says:

    Wonderful D.D. programme, wonderful book, wonderfull doctor.

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