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The right time.

There is a time to do everything in life, a time to start earning money, a time to leave home, a time to enter into a relationship, and it is important to get the time right. You can’t or at … Continue reading

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Warning ahead!

Its very easy to relax at certain times. On a holiday weekend, its very easy to sit back, take it easy, and decide to have a drink. There are certain times of year, Christmas, New Year, holidays, on which it … Continue reading

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Are we the only ones with a problem?

Last week I attended a conference in Madrid as the Irish rep for a group of Addiction Associations in Europe. I met professionals treating and research addiction in many different countries, including Spain, Portugal, Norway, Germany and the UK. I … Continue reading

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Why write a book?

Some people have asked me in the last week, why would you write a book? Havent you enough to do, seeing people for their addiction and depression problems? The simple answer is that it is important to reach out to … Continue reading

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Book Launch

The book Overcoming Alcohol Misuse was published recently. See images and speeches for this launch on the site. go to link

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